About Jeff Nexus

Innovation, Elegance, and Lifestyle are the most accurate words to express what the Jeff Nexus brand is all about.
Jeff Nexus means quality, and offers beautiful timepieces that reflect a perfect blend of sport and class. Established in the heart of London, the Jeff Nexus brand keeps looking forward, making its vision remain undiminishable for decades to come. The idea of the Jeff Nexus watches came to life when our founder, Edward Nexus, who loved to collect watches, thought about what his ideal watch would look like, and this is how his vision turned into our signature design. Nexus needed a watch suited for each and everyone, which could be worn to each and every occasion.
The option to switch straps is also what makes the Jeff Nexus watch unique by giving the watch a new look each time. The elegant design of our watches appeals to everyone with it’s timeless look.